7 Port USB Hub

When using a computer memory can be a sacred thing. So can USB ports, especially if you have countless things to plug into them. How do we get around that? I would like to introduce you to the 7 port USB hub.

Now finally you do not have to worry about the hierarchy of your electronics. This product provides 7 additional 2.0 USB ports to your computer. This is ideal for Cameras, Flash drives, or printers to be hooked up at once. (Providing data rates of up too 480 MBPS.) Making it alot easier on you to transfer data between your computer and your USB storage devices. This is ideal for anyone who lives out of there computer.

It is designed for easy access, making it easy to understand for anyone. It does not require any installation process, or additional software. Making it as easy as just plugging in a lamp. It is both compatible with PC and Mac; it really is as easy as plugging it in to your computer and plugging devices into your additional USB ports.

It also happens to be backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices ensuring connectivity between your PC and your devices that happen to be 1.1. On the front diagnostic LED’s are located providing port status. Making it an excellent choice for adding more USB ports to your computer.

In conclusion this is a great investment for anyone with a computer, and many electronic devices that need more USB ports. Not only can you plug in multiple devices, but this makes it alot easier to transfer multiple data between your computer and the many devices. It is also very easy to setup, no need for an installation process or additional software. Making it easy for anyone to set up. Not to mention its versatility with USB 1.1, making this product a must have.

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