7 Ways to Use a 3D Scanner

3D scanners have attained great popularity these days. It is a device that assesses an object or environment carefully to acquire important data on its appearance and shape. Detailed digital 3D models are created based on this data. These models can be used for various applications in the future. 3D scanners are widely used by the entertainment industry such as the film, movie industry and video gaming industry. Some of the other common applications of this device include the following:

1. Industrial Design

2. Orthotics

3. Prosthetics

4. Reverse Engineering

5. Prototyping

6. Quality Control

7. Documentation of Cultural Relics

Advantages of a 3D Scanner

There are several benefits of using a 3D scanner. It offers superior quality parts that are easily fitted and affordable to manufacture. Use of 3D scanner reduces the overall cost of a manufacturing design cycle by 75%. One major use of 3D scanner is in the manufacturing processes. It gives a good shape to an idea. The scanner is also helpful during the idea concept phase to digitize various objects. These objects are later rendered in illustrating different ideas.

The 3D scanning is adept and well suited when it comes to applying the design phase. This is done by using a physical object and then for designing a Computer Aided Design (CAD) model. 3D scanning can also be used at the model phase in numerous ways. The most common usage involves minimizing the number of prototype design cycles. The process of 3D scanning can be used in conjunction with prototyping. This helps in scaling physical objects. Experts that measure different volumes and accuracy levels also use it.

A 3d scanner is an efficient tool to the computer person who works in the field of research to configure the robotic settings. To sum up, the 3D scanner is extremely useful for professionals in various fields in this modern world.

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