A Laptop In Pink Will Get You Some Attention

If we can have Pink the singer then why can’t we have pink laptops? Good news, we can!  Today you can purchase a laptop in any color your heart desires.  Personalization has become a big business.  People want what they buy to reflect their personalities and the trends of the day.  Having a pink, blue, or yellow computer does not take much work on the part of the manufacturer.  So like they used to say all of the time, “Give them what they want!”

The color pink has an interesting history and so do pink laptops.  The largest group that really wants a pink laptop are teenage girls.  So money becomes a issue but the color remains the same.  We have a list later on in this article dedicated to the top 10 reasons girls of all ages would want a pink computer.

Without no doubt pink is today’s “in” color for just about every female on the planet.  There are seemingly a whole lot of reasons why pink is such a sort after color inside this demographic group.  If you have ever taken an drawing class then you would seemingly already know that pink is produced by mixing the colors red with white.  It should be no surprise that the fascination related to the color pink did not have its establishment with the concoction of the notebook computer.  As a matter of fact you can follow the history of the color back to the middle of the 17th century.

Even if you could not get your hands on a laptop in pink that far back in history, you could bring together a cluster of flowers that were pink.  So the word pink was invented to illustrate the color of a distinct flower.  From there it took off to numerous tints of  pink that were developed from different combinations of different colors.

Are you curious about what all of this history has to do with pink laptop computers?  Well you have to travel back to the early 1940′s.  It was roughly at that moment that pink started to be associated with girls and it has stayed that way right up to the present day.  As a matter of fact pink is at this point the color that feminist groups use, breast cancer awareness groups use, and women make use of as a wide-ranging sign of their femaleness.

Why A Pink Laptop?

1.  Ladies of all ages crave attention and a pink laptop computer  will get them what they want
2.  A pink computer is not a black computer….enough said!
3.  Hello Kitty
4.  The color pink is like a silent nod to all the sisters that understand what men don’t
5.  All women think that they look pretty in pink
6.  Does pretty in pink translate to tacky in pink
7.  Some things just can’t be explained
8.  Because having a vase of fresh cut flowers in your car just isn’t quite enough
9.  Spreadsheets just look better on a pink computer
10.Because in the end Barbie beat the living daylights out of those Bratz girls

Who would have ever thought at the beginning of the computer revolution that it would all come down to color?  Maybe it is a sign that the technology has taken a back seat to fashion and style.  I’m not sure that is a positive development.

There are many types of computers that can be found with a pink computer skin.  After careful examination they are all machines that work well but look different.  But if you like to show off your womanly side then there is no better way of accomplishing that then by walking around dressed in pink and having a collection of pink laptops for every mood.

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