Accessories for the Wii Star Wars Games

The Star Wars movie has been a long favorite of many generations, and of course a lot of video games were created for its fans. Naturally, the Wii gaming system is a natural fit for this type of warfare, with the ability to use your hand motions and indeed your whole body to operate the game. But to really feel like a Jedi knight, you might want to buy a couple of accessories. Here are some of the best ones to consider.

In the Wii Star Wars games, most of the time you will need to shoot or fight with a sword. Therefore, a Wii gun is essential for just about every shoot-em-up kind of game. The one that is most widely used is the Wii Zapper, by Nintendo.

When you purchase the Wii Zapper, you also get a great game that is fun all by itself, as well as the fact that it instructs you on how best to utilize the gun. But if you are partial to anything that is branded by Star Wars, then look at the Clone Trooper Blaster. Created by Nintendo under license to LucasFilms, it operates the same way as the Zapper, but is a couple dollars cheaper as it does not come packaged with a game. Really, any Wii gun will work well with the Star Wars games, so in the event that you have a gun already, you don’t need to buy additional ones, unless you are going to play with more than one player.

For lightsaber gameplay, look to the Official Anakin and Yoda Light Up Lightsabers. People who don’t even own a Wii think they are so awesome they want one! You put your WiiMote into the handle of the lightsaber, and hold the nunchuk in your opposite hand. You get two lightsabers per package, so get ready to duel with your friend. Although each lightsaber operates the same way, they are different per character and therefore use a different color. You can also find third-party lightsabers which are a tad bit cheaper than the licensed swords.

If you have a real Star Wars geek in your house, give him the Darth Vader sensor bar holder, which is a statue of Darth Vader, and the sensor bar fit into his lightsaber. It looks awesome and does not interfere with the function of the sensor bar at all.

If you want to make your game play as fun and realistic as it’s possible to make it, then splurge a little bit of money on Star Wars Wii accessories. There’s only a couple to get, so no big deal money-wise, and they will work with the currently available games. Have fun!

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