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Affordable website design is really a relative term.  Measured simply in dollars and cents, you can get your neighbor’s kid to come up with a good looking site, and he’d probably be glad to do it one or two hundred bucks.  Alternatively you could hire a professional Atlanta web design company and spend considerably more.  In fact the site your neighbor’s kid creates may look just as good.  So why spend the money of a professional web design company.  Because how your site looks really is not that important, in fact your site might make more money by not looking so great!

This seems counter-intuitive, but it really makes a lot of sense.   The goal of a business website is not to wow your visitors.  The goal of a business site is to create customers and create revenue.  To this effect a business website must strike a balance between function and form.  When looking for a web design company, make sure your designer understands marketing, especially Internet marketing.  A business site is a tool, not a creative outlet.  Your local part-time web designer will understand web design software and probably web standards, but they won’t get Internet marketing and the more subtle nuances of web navigation.

By spending a little more money upfront and using a professional website developer, you will have a site that is tailored towards turning visitors into customers and increasing your bottom line.  So what is the more affordable website design, a $100 site that nobody ever sees or never turns a customer, or a $2,000 site that increases your sales by 30% and your yearly revenues by $15,000?

In addition to understanding the importance of developing a customer-centered site, a professional developer also understands how to generate traffic and create websites that can rank well in major search engines.  A really good developer will have conducted thorough keyword research to uncover which phrases and words your site should target to provide you’re the greatest chance for success.  A professional web designer will do all their research before even thinking about writing a single line of code or wire-framing a website.

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