Are Mini Notebooks One Of The Best Laptops For Students?

Mini notebooks have been an increasingly popular option for college students looking for a cheap and portable computer to take around with them during the day-to-day activities of college. Mini laptops definitely have a lot of positives, but also a few negatives that go along with them. Below is a little more information to help you decided if a mini notebook is one of the best student laptops.

Great Battery Life – Mini laptops have amazing battery life. They typically get 1-3 hours more battery life than their larger counter parts. This makes them a great option for longer classes or when you’ll be away from the outlet for the entire day.

Portable – The majority of mini notebooks are around 9-10 inches in size. This makes them perfect for throwing in your bag and carrying them around with you. You can store large amount of homework and notes on them.

Keyboard Size – The keyboard on mini laptops are very small. So small in fact that typing for long periods of time can be very hard and cause your hands to cramp and become very sore. The 10-inch models do a much better job than the 9-inch and smaller models do in this case. However even the 10-inch model could cause some frustration when taking notes for a few hours.

So are mini laptops on of the best laptops for college students? I think they are, as long as you have a second computer at your home or dorm. While they make a great laptop that goes everywhere with you, it’s not a great main computer. The slower processor, smaller screen, and smaller keyboard make them tough to recommend as an only computer. I can’t imagine typing term papers on a keyboard that’s just over 9 inches in size.

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