Are wireless Wi-Fi Signal boosters worth the money?

When setting up a wireless local area connection at home or at our office, we’re always wondering just how wide of an area we can cover with our router.

The materials from which your surroundings are made also matter. A concrete wall between your pc and the router will surely make you lose quite a few packets along the way, or will sometimes completely block out your signal.  If you want to paint your concrete wall, here’s a great guide on buying concrete paint.  That’s when you need to use a wireless signal booster. These will expand your range and make sure that no one in the office has a bad connection to your wireless router.

First we have a Linksys wireless signal booster, the Linksys WSB24 Wireless-B Signal Booster. You just have to stack the booster onto your access point, put the antenna from the router on the booster and plug booster’s twin cables to the access point. This will increase the effective range and coverage area of your 802.11b network. The added signal strength will also speed up your close-range communications, because packets will travel easier, reducing retransmissions that are due to reception errors.

You can also find laptop wireless signal boosters, which will allow your laptop to find access points easier and allow a faster transfer of data. Wireless phone signal boosters also exist, which will do pretty much the same thing, only for your mobile phone.

Another option would be a homemade wireless signal booster, but these look more like witchcraft than actual technology. You can for example fold tinfoil into a parabola, which should increase your wireless strength. You could also build your own Wi-Fi antenna, if you have the necessary skill. But if you’re not so sure about these things and can afford to buy a serious signal booster, go for it, you won’t regret it.

So whether you have to set up a large lan party with a lot of people and need as much coverage as possible from your router, or just setting up the wireless connection at your office, take into consideration the use of a wireless signal booster.

Although in most homes you won’t need such a thing, some old apartment buildings have really thick walls so the connection could get broken down from room to room. If that is the case, you know where to find the solution.

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