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Thousands of alcohol related accidents, injuries and deaths occur every year. Many times it’s the innocent, non-drinking driver or pedestrian that is hurt or killed. Once it happens, it can’t be taken back and once you or a loved one is involved in one of these alcohol related incidents, life is never the same again. Living with the guilt of drinking, driving and killing another human being is something that no one can truly understand until it happens. Rather than taking the chance, risking the trauma and tragedy for everyone involved, get yourself and your loved ones a personal breathalyzer. Keep yourself and your loved ones alive and safe this holiday season by getting them (and yourself) the gift of the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.

A personal breathalyzer is small and portable and fits perfectly in pockets and purses so you never have to leave home without it. To every get-together, family gathering, business function or happy hour, the breathalyzer can easily go along with you. Twenty minutes after you’ve had your last drink, and in only seconds after correctly performing the test you’ll have your accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) results. Now you’ll be able to use better judgment on whether you should drive or call a cab.

Not only will a personal breathalyzer help you to think twice before drinking and driving but it can also help you to learn and understand the effects of alcohol on your body. By randomly testing your BAC when drinking at home under different circumstances such as before eating, after eating, after one drink, after two drinks, etc., you’ll soon be able to predict what your BAC is at any given time. This is especially important for those times when you don’t have your personal breathalyzer with you.

You can find out a lot of information and compare breathalyzers at any good breathalyzer reviews website. Most personal breathalyzer manufacturers suggest you have your device recalibrated every 6 months or after every 500 tests. This is achieved by sending the device to the manufacturer. Of course, there are some models that can handle more testing than others and there are even some that don’t require recalibration but instead have a module that can be replaced without having to send the device in for service. When purchasing a personal breathalyzer, be sure to consider the technologies used in gaining results. Some are more accurate than others such as the fuel cell technology which, unlike the semiconductor style will not give false positive results for those on low calorie diets or diabetic patients.

Perhaps the most popular options are made by BACtrack. they have several different breathalyzers at different price points, but by far the most popular seems to be the BACtrack B70 Digital Breathalyzer.

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