Choosing computer memory SDRAM

You might run into the occasional issue finding computer memory SDRAM on the internet, particularly for a low price. SDRAM has been on the market for years and years, but it still can draw a hefty price tag depending on the amount of memory you actually want for your system. You tend to see an exponentially higher price tag the higher up in memory you go; for example, a simple 128 MB stick (probably not much of that around anymore!) is almost given away, while the 1GB+ sticks are definitely still selling for a premium. So, at this point you’re probably asking “Where can I find a great source of computer memory SDRAM for a low price?” Well, let’s discuss some options you’ll have.

I always first go check out Crucial. is an amazing source of any type of RAM imaginable, SDRAM included. Because they have very little overhead in the way of actual stores, they can offer some really good deals that beat their in-store competition. Even places like Fry’s Electronics have a tough time keeping up. One of the best things about crucial is its laptop memory finder program. This is a fantastic little tool that will probe your system to find exactly what type of RAM that it requires. If it’s SDRAM of a certain type (e.g. PC2700), it’ll tell you right then and there. Probably the most useful part of this tool is that it knows the actual specs of your particular machine. It can actually tell you how much memory your computer will take, which is an important thing to know before you go off spending your money.

If you have a Fry’s Electronics near your house, you might want to go check them out as well. These are not widespread around the US, but if you live on the west coast or midwest there’s a good chance you’ll have one near you. Their prices on memory are just about as good as Crucial, and their help staff is knowledgeable to boot. Check them out.

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