Choosing the Right MSI Netbook

An MSI netbook may be the perfect companion for someone looking for a convenient laptop that is sleek, stylish, and useful.  The MSI Wind netbook can come in a variety of colors for those who like to reflect their personal styles and more importantly have many useful features from which to choose.

Some MSI netbooks can be found for less than $300.  Both the U130-417US and the U130-416US include the Intel Atom processor N450, 10-inch wide screen displays and utilize the Windows XP operating system.  They also have hard drives capable of storing a large amount of information for those who use their laptops for multiple functions.

Other models may cost slightly more but come with other benefits.  For instance, the L1350-436US whose features include the Intel Atom processor N450; a 10-inch wide screen; built-in webcam, two channel stereo speakers and microphone; a chiclet keyboard and wide touch pad among other features.  This model only costs about $350 and includes Windows 7 Starter Edition.  The L1350-430US model also has the same features but also boasts a long-battery life for those who tend to use their laptops all day.  The L1300-441US costs about $20 less but uses the Windows XP operating system.

Other MSI netbooks may costs slightly more but have other attractive features such as larger screens or different processors.  For example, the L2300-038US model utilizes an AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, and is meant to be lightweight and portable for the user constantly on the go.  Furthermore, it includes the full Windows 7 Home Premium edition to go with its high definition 12.1-inch, 16:9 widescreen.  This model costs just under $500.

When shopping for an MSI netbook, some of the primary differentiating factors are operating system and screen size. You can expect quality workmanship from MSI, even though their prices are so much cheaper than many well-known netbook manufacturers. For the most part, all of the MSI Wind netbooks are right for just about any computer need, taste or style.

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