Considerations For Plasma TV Mounts

Plasma HD televisions have a great versatility feature. These televisions are so thin (measuring anywhere between 1.2 inches to 4 inches deep) that they can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall like a picture frame. However, when it comes to plasma TV mounts, a person should be very careful and confident about their abilities.

In order to properly mount a television, you should comfortably know how to operate a drill and a spirit level. It is very important that the television mount be perfectly level. It can be quite difficult to repair a poor mount.

It is also highly recommended that you have another pair of hands to help with installation. It may take one person to drill while the other is holding the mounting device to the wall. Also, when it comes time to mount the plasma television, it would be a good idea to have another person around to help lift. 50-inch plasmas may weigh anywhere between 80 to 100 pounds.

Before performing any kind of mounting, be sure to determine where you would like to place the plasma television set. It is highly recommended that televisions not be placed facing large windows or doors that will direct sunlight onto the screen. After a desirable location is decided, it will be easy to maneuver sitting places towards the television.

After attaching the mounting device and are about to place the television on the wall, be sure to take into consideration viewing distance. Make sure that you have a screen size that will fit well in the room. Larger screens can be overpowering and small screens can leave a viewer squinting.

Once the plasma TV mounts are on the wall, be sure to place couches and other lounging devices a decent distance away. For 42-inch plasma televisions, it is recommended to sit at least nine feet away. As the television size increases, the viewing distance extends, as well.

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