Corporate Data Management Explained

The size and amount of data created by corporations has grown to the point that enterprise networks need to find effective ways to manage and maintain their information. Adequate data backups and recovery methods are required to keep them from losing the information vital to the continued survival of the company. Added to the problems of hackers constant attempts at breaking in and stealing critical personal information, long-term systems involving hardware, software and technical expertise in handling these networks is critical. Lately new challenges have surfaced in legal discoveries and compliance across a global marketplace have hampered the daily running of IT departments and left them playing a game of catch-up.

The core elements of effective corporate data management are the necessity of effective backups and recovery of corrupted data in disparate machines across the networks. Such data management processes have spawned a multi-million dollar industry in the area of storage and retrieval. Two programs that seem to work well together are the use of the Symantec Enterprise Vault used in conjunction with the Veritas NetBackup system. These systems help relieve the old and duplicate information files to provide better, more uniform backups and centralized databanks for the corporations. More information on master data management software and master data management tools can be found through the review site or Gartner.

Among the newer problems facing those responsible for the management of corporate data is the increased frequency of email being used for communication and document exchange. Recent studies have shown that sometimes as much as 75% of a corporation’s intellectual property is contained within the stored email files on their servers. As this grows, the legal problems of being able to provide required information and reports when required are becoming increasingly impossible to assemble in a timely manner. With the problems of corporate data management growing daily, few companies are actually increasing their budgets to the IT departments charged with overseeing these issues.

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