Downloading Games to Your PSP Memory Card

Although preloaded games are fun to play, if you want the most recent of games, then they will need to be downloaded onto your memory stick. This memory card is a tiny piece of hardware, but it can hold a large amount of data on a PSP. If your gaming console is an earlier model, then it may not have a memory stick included. If that is the case, you will have to buy a PSP memory card first before downloading any new games. They can either be ordered from the manufacturers, or eBay or Amazon. You will need to make sure the card is compatible with the kind of PSP you have.

Locating the games is the first task before downloading them to your memory card. One of the best places to look is the Online PlayStation store from Sony. It provides the newest released games that you can directly download from the websites. Some games will be free while others will need to be bought. There are also hundreds of other websites that provide the latest games to choose from. Newer consoles may not handle some games unless they are bought from the PSP store. The website you download from should be reliable and provide safe, high quality games, avoid games that contains cracks in them.

Once you have games on your PSP, you will then need to transfer them to your PSP card. The card can be connected using a USB cable, then you can place all your new games on it. A new card will need to be formatted before anything can be copied on it. Just copy all the downloaded games into a folder, and now you have a host of new games for your console. Each game should first be tested to make sure they are working well.

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