Earbud Headphones – A Cost-effective Alternative

Earbud headphones sit just in the interior the ear. They usually come free when purchasing a portable listening device. In-ear headphones are not the same as earbud headphones. In-ear headphones have a secure fit that blocks outside noise. Turn the music up loud enough though and this will not be an issue. For the most part, earbuds are inexpensive. They function pretty well but they are not known for sound quality.

Earbuds headphones have been around for enough years that most of the bugs have been worked out of the product. The leading challenges in earbud technology have been about comfort, strength and appearance. These issues have been thoroughly researched and have produced some good quality, nice looking and comparatively comfortable products.

The Sennheiser MX 560 is a really nice looking and inexpensive earbud that looks great in black and chrome. It also has better than most sound quality. The Yuin PK2 does not look like much and it is a bit expensive as earbuds go, but the sound quality is superior.

Joggers and walkers love cordless headphones. Earbuds headphones are designed for use with portable players. They are small and light-weight. They can be quite uncomfortable though because they are held in place by wedging them in the folds of the outer ear. This is a tender spot to wear earbuds for too long. Generally, adding more cushioning is how this problem is addressed. That does not exactly resolve the issue but it does make earbuds a little more comfortable. The Sennheiser CX55 is one a very comfortable earbud priced at under $100. For a lot more money, the Etymotic ER-4 is even nicer. It is an in-ear headphone so it is more comfortable.

Sound quality is another serious concern with earbud headphones. The sound quality usually decreases as the volume increases. The Yuin PK1 sounds really good for an earbud. It compares to the sound quality of a mid-level headphone. It too is unable to handle the higher volumes well. The Denon AH-C252K does well with sound quality and is realistically priced at about $30.

Earbud headphones are easy on the pocket. They vary in price from $0 with a purchase to a little over $100. This means they are affordable for almost every budget. They are also fairly easy to replace when they wear out. They are sold anywhere portable media devices are sold.

Earbud headphones are in between the pricier in-ear headphones and awkward over-the-head full sized headphones. They get used mainly by active people and youth just hanging out. They tend get broken easily to get worn out. When they can no longer be used, most people just throw them out and get another pair. Some pioneering fashion designers have turned broken earbuds into earrings or spruced up working ones with stylish earbud covers. Presently there are is no way to recycle earbuds so try to be creative in their disposal.

Earbud headphones are reasonably priced and perfect for an active lifestyle. They are best appreciated by informal music listeners who like to be distracted from the task at hand.

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