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We all have some old video cameras hung in a hallway closet that we always forget to take with us on vacation. Seems that producing your own videos of faraway places that you visit isn’t worth the extra weight while travelling and that pulling it out to make timeless recordings of our everyday events like catching silly pets or making our own recordings of weddings and even funerals sometimes seems a bother. Maybe it’s because our old video camera has outlived its novelty and it’s time for us to see what is new in the world of video cameras.

What is absolutely a must for the burned out video camera page is the new Flip Mino HD camcorder that is available in styles and colors to look like an actual tiny mp3 player. The single hand size of this newest in the sleekest video cameras available come at prices starting at $149 to $189 and more. Recording time in the Flip series of camcorders range from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. That is a lot of time for one disk. The enjoyment has to be really appreciated as some Hollywood recording studios usually tape in 45 minute sets.

What is also new and great with the flip video camcorder is that you can make a photo album and share some selected freeze frames as well as view them on your Mini HD screen. What more can you ask for from a video camera than the absolute functioning of a video maker and a photo album distributor which would be you when you share your Flip productions with your friends or with your business contacts.

It might be time to investigate the options available in the new high definition camcorders and maybe put your old 30 year old video camera on display at a local museum. Technology in the new video cameras or camcorders is astounding and can have you putting your digital camera on the block while you begin your personal videos for your television viewing of your own shows.

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