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In using a laptop, one expects it to perform just as well as a desktop computer, however, desktops nowadays are high-powered, performing heavy tasks with ease.  Not all laptops can do that, in fact, a laptop can never outmatch a fully upgraded desktop.  One of the closest portable computer types, in terms of performance, is the 17” laptop.  With it, you won’t have trouble running programs, like online games, or creating videos and computer graphics.

The 17” is a clear enhancement of standard laptops, performance and resolution-wise.  It is equipped with a powerful video card and processor, enough to run the most complex programs without any difficulty.  The huge screen makes watching videos a delight.  Not only do you view the scenes, clearly, slowdowns are rare with such a machine.  You could even play computer games, as if you’re using your desktop.  The 17″ laptop, as you can see, is computing power in a nutshell.

The number 17, by all means, connotes to something big.  A 17-inch computer monitor should give you a cinematic feel while watching videos on your desktop computer.  A size 17 dress is reserved for tall and large individuals.  When it comes to laptop computers, a 17” laptop is certainly big in size and performance.  It can outdo its smaller cousins in executing commands and running several programs, all at once.  It is the perfect choice for people who want a laptop powerful enough to perform the heaviest computer-related tasks.

The 17” laptop offers not only performance, but also exceptional resolution.  Once you watch a streaming file or video, it captures the moving images in high definition.  The scenes switch with much smoothness, so viewing films is surely a treat with it.  Just connect the laptop to a bunch of top-quality computer speakers, to bolster the sound.  If it is not performing up to par with your standards, you can always replace the video card with a more powerful model.

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