Getting The Right Free Desktop Security Software

Did you know free is risky? In the case of free desktop security software, free desktop security software can be downright dangerous. This is not an attempt to sell you a full scale paid security software. It’s just a warning that if you want to download free software, any kind of free software, you have to take certain precautions.

First of all, while desktop security software is designed to keep out malware, there are some desktop security software that don’t. This is because they have ulterior motives for wanting you to download the software, and it is not to protect your computer. Instead, they are made to steal information and data. It would be allowing these crooks to enter through the front door instead of sneaking in through the back.

Here are some clues to help you separate the bad security software from the legitimate ones.

•    The software website is clumsily constructed with wrong grammar and a topsy turvy layout
•    The software only advertising removal of specific malware
•    The accreditation logos at the bottom of the site is unverifiable. Click on them and check if they lead to the right website
•    The software just forces the issue of download without providing needed information about its services

You can also visit review sites of software to find out how the software rates. If you don’t even find the name of the free desktop security software in the list, then you know it’s time to look for another security software.

Most of the best free security software usually appear first on a search engine page. This is because the makers have invested a lot of money to get recognized. This kind of funding cannot be done by scammers out to fool you with fake free desktop security software. Some of the recommended free security software by the desktop security software guide are AVG, Spy Sweeper, Avast, and Ad Aware.

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