Hey you! Get your hands nerdy!

There is so much flippin’ stuff going on in the world of technology today that it’s nearly impossible to keep up.  From the latest and greatest in software and video games, to PC processors and graphics cards, to the hot happenings in mobile gadgetry, Get Your Hands Nerdy makes a noble attempt to cover it all.  You may not be able to escape the inevitable plummeting drop in value and horsepower benchmarking of that state of the art gaming laptop you just picked up yesterday, but there’s no harm in finding out how to extend its short life span as far as possible.  It’s easy to just scan the Best Buy insert of your Sunday paper to get your technology information, but it sure as heck isn’t very effective.  To really get the best bang for your buck, and keep up with the latest in tech land, you need to roll up your sleeves and get your damn hands nerdy.

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