How to Fax From Windows XP

While Windows does have it’s own faxing program it may be very complicated for some to setup and understand and many times you need a modem that is compatible and what not. So how can you start faxing from Windows XP without all the headaches of complicated installations.

Fax software for Windows XP allows you to easily send and receive faxes via the internet without having to get any extra hardware, modem or complicated installations. Best of all these services can be used on Windows XP, Vista and even earlier platforms such as Windows 98 as well as for Mac users.

Internet fax software is compatible with almost any platform because it uses the internet to send and receive faxes. Doing so makes faxing easier, faster and more affordable for you and your business. So how can you get started?

First pick from one of the leading fax software windows xp services. What is great of these services is that they also offer free 30 day trials which gives you plenty of time to review the service yourself and see if it is the best for you. Remember that the service should adapt to your faxing needs, check out what kind of plans they have and ask if you need a custom plan.

Once you sign-up then you can easily begin sending and receiving fax online via the online account they provide you with that is activated automatically when you sign-up. This account can also be integrated with Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and so on. Many internet faxing services also let you integrate their service with your web mail such as gmail, yahoo, msn etc. There are many benefits with fax software, you can send multiple faxes at once, send fax via cell phone and many other features that a fax machine could never do for you or your business.

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One Response to “How to Fax From Windows XP on “How to Fax From Windows XP”

  • The online fax service that we have in our office is integrated with widows XP fax wizard. It’s so easy to manage and very user friendly. I can even broadcast single fax pages to different groups and individual.

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