How To Hang Wall Speakers

Everyone knows that different viewing experiences are had on different televisions. To increase the viewing pleasure, many people opt to go the surround sound route. Installing these extras doesn’t have to be nearly as costly as purchasing them is. You’ll have your new wall speakers hanging in no time with just a few quick tips.

Choosing your new speaker’s wall location is the first step. They generally sound and look their best at eye level or above. To ensure a high sound quality, align the speakers behind the couch in the living room.

Next, where you want the speakers to hang, locate the wall’s stud. The speakers should be light enough so they probably won’t require one, but nailing to the stud is the best way to go. You can purchase, at any hardware store, a cheap stud finder or you can lightly knock along the wall until you locate one.

After deciding where the wall speakers will go, it’s time to drill out the holes. Make sure that they are drilled into the stud carefully. To hold them up, a nail is the best option, but make sure there is an inch or so left sticking out of the wall.

Hanging your speakers is the last step. Use a lever or old fashion eyeballs to make sure they are even. Once they’re hung, check the quality of sound by testing them out and ensuring they’re agreeable. If any adjustments need to be made, the devices can always be moved around on the wall.

A television’s quality of sound can be greatly affected by a decent surround sound system. Luckily for interested buyers, their installation is pretty straightforward and easy. Your TV viewing will be top notch if you simply remember to drill eye level, spaced out holes into the stud.

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