Installing NDS Roms into your DS Lite

The big advantage of playing hand held games is that you can download games right from the internet using Rom files. So what exactly is a Rom? It’s an image file that contains copy of the data from a read-only memory chip, often coming from a video game cartridge. It’s usually used as emulation as if you are playing the game cartridge and using the hand held gaming console.

Now, gamers favor Nintendo DS Lite because of the vast nds games free download that are available online. So how exactly can you install an nds rom file into one of your Nintendo DS? Here’s how you should do it. Download first the rom that you want to install. Once you have downloaded it, you need to unzip the file using an unzipping application like Winzip or winrar. Then remove your microSD card from the cartridge of your hand held console and insert the microSD card to the miscroSD USB adaptor that comes with the Nintendo ds package when you bought your R4DS. Now insert the microSD USB adaptor to your computers usb port and it will automatically detect the adaptor.

Now you need to look for the file, it will be fairly easy to find, just go to my computer and you’ll see an additional external drive. Open it and copy the .NDS file you unzipped in the first step and paste it into the root directory of your microSD card. Do not copy the other files inside the zip file; you will only need the .NDS file. Now safely remove the microSD and return it to your hand held Nintendo ds lite.

Finally, you have just successfully copied your NDS Roms into your R4DS and are now ready to play the game. Try to open your DS Lite and you will be able to see and play the new game you’ve installed. If you want to add more games, you can follow the same procedure. So enjoy playing.

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