Internet Fax is the New Way of Faxing

We have come a long way in the development in communications. Just 20 years ago, it was unimaginable what could be done thanks to something as the Internet. We used to need faxing machines to send and receive documents, remember that? Of course, many you will, as fax machines are still used today, despite the creation of something faster, more effective and cheaper: Internet faxing.

Primitive electronic faxing programs where a little bit cumbersome and hard to understand by your common fax user. These early versions of fax software didn’t have what was required to make the jump to digital faxing; thus, many people remained with the idea that it was better to “stick” to traditional technology. Many years have passed since these initial programs were developed, and nowadays we don’t only have programs, but also services, that add a whole new level in this industry.

With fax services you can enjoy similar features like a free email service such as Gtalk or Hotmail, but translated to the World of faxing. By the way, the jump between e-mail and e-fax is not so big, as sending a fax is very similar (that’s why you may hear this technology also called email faxing) and easy to do. Fax services also allow you to check your incoming faxes quite easily from any computer that has Internet access, via what is known as a “Web dashboard”, a place online where you login and can take a look at your account.

Prices of electronic faxing have also went down considerably. Services even give you a free electronic fax alternative, in which you can fully test the features thanks to a 30 day free trial. After your trial is finished you can find services that charge as little as $9 per month on the most basic plans, so you can get started right away thanks to the Internet fax number the bring you for free.

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