Is a Netbook Tablet the Best Choice for You?

The touch screen Tablet PC made its debut in 2001 with the first product of its kind from Microsoft. It is fully functional as a laptop PC and includes other features which made it wholly unique; a stylus and a touchscreen. The new functionality made these devices quite mobile and afforded users the opportunity to take their computers where even the smallest notebook computers would have been cumbersome or unwieldy. Today, the netbook tablet hybrids are taking mobile computing to a whole new level.

The Netbook Is a computer that is basically designed to be lightweight by keeping things small and leaving out some bits that are available in a notebook or laptop computer; the bits you will not find in a Netbook are built-in drives such as the CD or DVD Rom. There are still many USB connections available to allow for external drives when necessary, though. Another important feature of the Netbook is its built-in WiFi. Many businesses now offer free WiFi connections to patrons and owning a Netbook is a great way to take full advantage.

The hybrids have combined the best feature from both worlds into one great product. Convenience, functionality, internet connectivity and portability have all been rolled into one neat little package. So, how do you know how to choose the best netbook tablet for your needs? Considering the advantages and disadvantages may help you decide.

The advantages to owning one of these devices include the ability to use it in places where a keyboard and mouse would be difficult to handle and control such as standing, lying in bed or even while handling something else with one hand and computing with the other. Because of its lighter weight, it can perform and function using lower power. Because of the touchscreen, navigation is easier and requires less hand-eye coordination which may be difficult for some. The universal appeal is a large advantage; there are no special keyboard versions for different countries and languages to contend with.

Among the disadvantages are the higher prices and lower input speeds. The screen hinge could become damaged more readily due to the amount of handling involved with this type of device. In term of ergonomics, a tablet pc is at a disadvantage as there is no place for resting the wrists while being used in slate mode and it is necessary to constantly move the arms while working.

Considering all of the advantages and disadvantages will help in making your decision to purchase a netbook tablet pc. Remember to think about how, when and where you will use it along with the cost of purchasing one. The decision should not be based on just one factor.

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