Kindle DX E-ink Screen

The all new Kindle e-book reader is the Kindle DX.  There are many features that further enhance the your reading experience.  The new electronic ink display is 50% better and the contrast for allows for clearer text and sharper images. Its 9.7 diagonal E-ink screen is perfect for a broad range of material, including newspapers and magazines.  The Kindle DX’s display looks and reads like real paper with no glare.  You can read in the bright sunlight or in the comfort of your living room.  It is nice and slim and is as thin as most magazines.

When you want to read a new book you have access to it in under 60 seconds.  A very nice feature is the 3G Wireless, which does not require a monthly payment or annual contract.  You can download books anywhere at any time.   It still has a long battery life, which allows you to read for one week with wireless on.  By turning wireless off you can read for two to three weeks on a single charge.  It stores up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents at a time.

You can enjoy your wireless coverage at home or abroad in over 100 countries.  It has a built-In PDF reader that allows you to carry and read your personal and professional documents everywhere you go.  There are now over 670,000 books and the largest selection of the most popular books that people want to read.  There are New York Times Best Sellers available from $9.99 and up.  You can even download and read the first chapter of books before you decide to buy it.  If you are driving in the car and would like to still like to read that addicting book you can with the text-to-speech feature.  The Kindle DX reads newspapers, magazines and of course that addicting book out loud to you.

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