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Perhaps, you must have asked yourself why you’ve been seeing too many iPhone clones lately in the global market today.  The company responsible for these affordable mobile phones is CEC Telecom Ltd., one of the fastest growing industries and manufacturers of mobile phones that has invaded the world with a torrential technological storm.  CECT is definitely popular among mobile users who want a cheaper and a more affordable alternative to all other branded mobile phones.   Most people gripe on the fact that iPhones are just too expensive to buy so for a simpler and affordable approach, they prefer the cect phones.  Some mobile users and gadget reviewers applaud the company for their innovations in making the most functional brands of phones affordable and accessible for everyone.

CECT is the largest China based mobile phone manufacturer and telecommunication industry that does clones on some expensive brands like iPhone and Nokia.  True enough, most of their products are functional as the expensive phones sold in the market today, but the catch is that you can buy these iclones at a fraction of the price of the typical iPhone.  Other types of CECT mobile phones available on the market today include hiphones, handphones, quad band phones, tri sim phones, TV phones, water proof phones, wifi phones, windows mobile phones, and quite surprisingly, even imito Michael Jackson phones.  That is quite a lot of innovation indeed.

The fact that CECT phones have gone global these days lies on the fact the company employs a very systematic low-cost and fast-market structure – enabling speedy manufacture and distribution of the phones all over the parts of the world.  It is striking to know that indeed most of the functionalities and interface of the most expensive brands are smartly cloned by CEC telecom.  Although they are not made from the same raw materials they make mobile experience cheaper and accessible for everyone.

For more or less that $100, you can basically purchase a CECT phone from your local superstores and gadget stores, and even online.  And if you want to connect the phone to other electronic device such as laptops or computers then you can just conveniently plug the USB cable (comes with the mobile phone package) and you don’t need to buy or install mobile phone software.  The phone can be essentially recognized like any USB device, only you can already access your files and personal settings in most cect phones.

In a nutshell, CECT phones are far more cost effective alternative that expensive brands of cellphones.  The CECT company boasts of their CECT KA08 cell phone and CECT i9 as two of the best brands that they redesigned.  The latter, Cect i9, has already gained an increasing popularity because it incorporates the Java application that enables users to download games and other mobile applications.

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