Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Review

The Kodak C182 has to be the easiest and cheapest digital camera I have ever had the chance to review. With a street price of well under $100 and close to half the suggested price of $129, it’s no wonder that it’s the best digital camera you can buy under $100 today.

This small and lightweight digital camera comes with everything you need for basic digital photography: a capable 3x optical zoom lens, a big and bright 3 inch LCD display and 12 megapixels of resolution.

First, the resolution. It’s my opinion you could get by with less megapixels and the Kodak C182 would still be an excellent digital camera but Kodak filled the c182 with an excellent 12 megapixel sensor, and the prints it produces are just phenomenal – big and bright poster sized prints are not problem with this little digital camera from Kodak

Next up is the lens: When you turn on the Kodak C182, the lens pops to life and comes out of hiding inside the camera body and is ready to start shooting instantly. There’s very little startup lag with this small Kodak digital camera and the zoom ratio is flexible to shoot wide angles which is great for shooting landscapes and groups, and the 100mm zoom is more than capable of getting you closer to the action when shooting sports or wildlife photography.

Lastly, I had no problems using the big 3 inch LCD display to both view and compose my images and even in bright sunlight, the Kodak performed without a complaint and I was happy with the LCD brigthness – especially considering this is a best selling digital camera under $100.

At a street price of much less than what you’d pay for even the sales tax on much more expensive cameras the Kodak C182 is the perfect pocket camera for both day to day shooting as well as a great travel camera

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