LandAirSea LAS-1505 GPS Vehicle Tracker

While a lot of GPS vehicle tracking systems may look similar, not all are created equal. While there is nothing in appearance to distinguish the LandAirSea LAS-1505 unit from many of the others in the marketplace, it has received high marks from consumers on all levels, including the fact that it works well for an average of two weeks on a regular lithium battery before it needs to be changed. The only complaint came in regard to the fact that changing the batteries proved a bit difficult because of the tiny size of the screws and the small gaskets tended to slip during the procedure if one was not careful. Making sure that they are kept in place is important, however, since they are there to keep any water from seeping inside the unit.

The PC installation is simple and integrates smoothly with Google Earth, allowing users to keep accurate accounts of all stops, arrival and departure times from each, and mileage. This is very helpful in helping drivers plan the best routes when traveling by offering them the opportunity to compare past trips by displaying every street in numerical order, as well as keep track of their vehicle’s gas efficiency.

Parents have also commented that the LandAirSea LAS-1505 enables them to “keep and eye” on where their children go when they are not present. Thanks to Google Earth, they have confidence in the fact that the signal always “stays strong” and is “never lost.” In addition, the powerful magnet allows it to be placed securely out of sight on the bottom of your vehicle without fear that it will be shaken loose during rough driving conditions.

Lastly, the LandSeaAir LAS-1505, is one of the most affordable GPS models, ranging in price (on from $146.83 to $199.99, offering consumers one of the best buys around.

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