Laptop Computer Buying Guide

Choosing the right laptop computer can be a tricky decision because there are so many different specifications on the market. Most people have a budget to keep to, so ideally you want the best you can afford with the right technology for your needs. The following tips will help you find the right laptop.

First of all you want to decide what screen size to go for. Laptops are designed to be portable and lightweight, so if you intend to use yours on the train or while your out and about then look for a smaller screen size, and a lighter weight. Some of the latest laptops are quite bulky and are designed as a replacement for your desk top pc. For portable use go for a screen size of about 14-15 inches. If you plan on using it in your home then go for a bigger screen, around 17 inches is adequate for home usage. Thin film transistor screens are designed to work outdoors and in direct sunlight whilst still giving a clear viewing screen. Companies such as argos have got very good selections of the TFT models at low prices.

The battery life is another important factor to consider. Laptops use rechargeable batteries that can last up to 6 hours without a power source. Some of the latest models can last even longer, so if you generally use yours on the go, then look for a loner battery life. Also bear in mind that using general office applications and e-mail will not use as much battery life as watching a movie will.

Laptops are more difficult to upgrade than desk top computers, so this is why it is important to buy the highest specification model you can afford. Argos uk have laptops for under £300 at present, and they have very high technology in them. Look for disk space of around 120GB for general use and for storing music and pictures. There is now not much difference between the best laptops and personal computers. The prices continue to fall every year, and the technology moves at break neck speed.

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