Loading Speeds And Boot-Up Times Of Blu-Ray Players

You must have heard complaints about the loading and booting speed of Blu-Ray players being so slow that you can pop some corn in the microwave while waiting. Early models of Blu-Ray decks indeed have slow booting times and loading speeds, and hopefully the manufacturers have altered that in their 2010 lineup of players.

Among the top of the line players this year are Sony BDP-S570, Samsung BD-C6900 and Panasonic DMP-BD85. Let’s compare which of the three loads and starts fastest. So, if you want a fast player, you can pick which of the three you are likely to buy after reading this article.

To start off, Panasonic released the Panasonic DMP-BD85 alongside with other Blu-Ray players and a 3D capable player. With the constant complain on slow booting times, Panasonic have indeed paid attention to the consumers and came up with this. From power off mode, the BD85 starts about 2 seconds and takes you to the No Disc screen. When you load a Blu-Ray disc, it takes about 30 seconds before the movies starts.

The Sony BDP-S570 is one of the 3D capable players from Sony, but we have to set that aside and consider its speed here. When you start your player, it takes 3 seconds to boot up even with the quick start mode (that’s a second later than the BD85) and it takes 40 seconds to load a disc. That’s slower than the Panasonic deck!

As for Samsung BD-C6900, it is a great player with expanded access to online sites. It also sports audio codecs for great surround sound. When you load the sluggish Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl, the player only takes an amazing 16 seconds to start the movie.

So, in the end, Samsung BD-C6900 reigns as the fastest model among the three players we discussed here. If you want a fast player, that’s the one you should get.

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