Local Search Optimization

For some companies, if they directly target a specific geographic location (city, state, or region) then it may be beneficial to include that in your site’s search engine optimization stategies. This ensures that when people are searching for something in their specific area, that your site and services are offered as a potential provider. Search engines see where the searcher is, and see where YOU are located based on the local search optimization of your site and local SEO can help your site to be seen by people in your area.

Your City & State
Make sure that the city and state where your business is located is mentioned in keywords located throughout your site, and most importantly, in the titles and subheadings on the major pages of your site. If the city and state where you are located is offered in the keywords, then you have better chances of your site coming up in the search results for someone who is looking for your exact kind of business in your exact geographic location. Local search engine optimization will help people to find your business that are in the same general area as you are.

Contact Information
Make sure that the contact information for your business is located prominently on your website so that search engines that are designed specifically for local business searching from either personal computers or cell phones can easily target your contact information. If these sites and types of searches can quickly locate your address and phone number, then they can provide this information to potential customers that much faster, putting you into contact with possible business. Having your contact information easily seen greatly aids in geo targeting.

Use Online Media
If you use a blog, press release or other form of online media to direct people to your site, and to your business, then you can build a stronger online presence, which can lead to showing up higher on the search engine results pages and getting more visits to your site and to the blog that is meant to promote your site. Online marketing is the fastest way to get more business to your site and to your company!

Local Links
To build your web based presence, like in the real world, people need to be talking about you. If real people are talking about your site in blogs, search engines recognize this. Localized keywords should be used to link to you. Use free link tracking software to manage this portion of your campaign

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