Looking For A Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

I’m a single mother of a young son and because of that, not having a cell phone just isn’t an option for me. With all the things that could happen while I’m home alone with him it’s almost necessary for me to have a way to not only reach my friends and family, but also emergency services, so I began my search for of companies that offered the cheapest cell phone plans.

My search began at my local WalMart. They had lots of low priced cell phone family plans and some plans that are known for being cheap, like Virgin Mobile. At the end of the day, you don’t pay Virgin Mobile for using their service, but you pay $20 a month for unlimited text and then ON TOP OF THAT you have to buy cell phone minutes. To me, that much money just wasn’t an option every single month, so I started looking at Trac Phone and Net10 phones, who are the same company with a different name. (Kinda like I suspect Virgin Mobile and Common Cents might somehow be connected) Trac Phone is by far a terrible deal, with minutes costing a ton of money and texts costing even more. 3 text are equal to 1 minute with Trac Phone, and 2 text are equal to 1 minute on Net10, but for $20 you only get about 180 text. No good! I had similar issues with services like Boost, and almost gave up my search as far as pre-paid plans go. Contract phones are massively expensive to me, and I can’t see staying with the same provider for over a year. (I get bored.)

That’s when I discovered Kajeet Mobile. It’s a relatively unknown name that everyone SHOULD know. The phones are absolutely amazing, including the Katana 2, the SCP-2700 from Sanyo, the Rumor 2, and the new Samsung Seek, which is a touchscreen. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the cost, either. I pay $15 a month for unlimited texting AND 60 minutes of talk time. For $20 a month you can get unlimited texting and 180 minutes talk time, with no cost to operate that phone everyday like with Go Phone, etc.

It is by far the cheapest plan in the United States, which is why I’m so shocked it hasn’t caught on yet. Kajeet is on the Sprint network, and I’ve never been without coverage. Although it is a primarily kid targeted phone company, there are no problems with it if you are an adult. Sometimes the whole “Wallet” business they have going on is very annoying, but I’m willing to look past that for their low rates. I’d recommend it to anyone. Hope that helps!

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