More Ink Colors For The Digital Camera Printer

Ink jet printers have been very reliably producing nice quality prints for photographers of all types, with the exception of one: The black and white photographer. Up until recently, the monochromatic prints have been inconsistent and mushy in regards to the gray tones. This is not a malfunction of the printer or ink cartridges, but due to the fact that in order to make the color gray, the other colors had to mix with black. A gray of sorts was created, but one with strong hints of the other colors.

Now there is good news for the black and white photographer. Some new printers have eight, nine and ten color cartridges. But why is this important to black and white photographs? As Digital Camera Printer Review succinctly states, “The addition of a separate gray ink cartridge to digital camera printers makes for incredibly better monochrome photos.”

Are you are a professional photographer who relies on the quality of your photographs to pay the rent? Maybe you are a weekend freelancer who gets serious about photography while at your friend’s wedding, or for the nephew’s senior pictures or the occasional family reunion portrait shoot? Perhaps you are a dad or grandmother who wants to print quality photos for your family and friends and do not trust your neighborhood camera counter or department store to do them justice. And you don’t have the room or knowledge to have your own darkroom.

Today’s digital camera printer comes in a wide variety of size, ink colors, and functions. They can be office size or can literally fit in a purse. The best idea is to invest in the printer that will meet all of your printing needs. For whatever your need is, a photo printer is out there for you.

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