New Technology with Touch Screen Mobile Phones

We have come a long way in technology when it comes to mobile phones. If you can remember the first phones we had years ago and how happy we were to have a mobile phone. Well, look at what’s on the horizon!

Take for example Google’s new Android operating system. There will be numerous manufacturers taking advantage of this mobile operating system. Of course Microsoft will be a leader with its new Windows 7 phone using its own operating system. Rumor has it that this new phone will be available on or about Christmas. However, we will see.

There will be some exciting stuff that comes with this phone such as the Xbox Live used for multiplayer game playing and an integrated Zune used for playing music and watching videos. It has been suggested that this phone may give the iPhone some competition.

According to Voices in Technology, another company — Samsung — will be coming out with the Samsung Wave. However, this is a very new operating system that may have some bugs in it. What this phone has going for it is its appearance. It is really a hot looking phone. Another phone to be on the lookout for is the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 Mini Pro. There are a range of models that will be available from HTC which includes the Legend, Desire and the HD Mini. There will also be the Samsung Bean, the Sony Ericsson Vivz and the Milestone from Motorola which is similar to the Droid that was just introduced in the USA.

Now these aren’t cheap touch screen mobile phones but are well worth the money and how cool will it be to have the hottest product on the market? There of course will be some more inexpensive phones on the market; however, they may come with a lot of problems. So do your homework and get the phone that suits your needs the best. It is really exciting to see modern technology at work especially in the touch screen mobile phone market.

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