Notebook Sleeves: What to Know Before You Buy

A notebook sleeve is a smaller alternative than the standard sized laptop bags.  They are easy to carry and provide the needed protection for your laptop.  There are certain questions you must answer before you buy a new notebook sleeve.  What size of laptop do you have?  This of course will determine the size of notebook sleeve that you need.  What style do you need?  A neoprene laptop sleeve will suffice for most consumers and students, but a nice leather notebook sleeve would be more beneficial to a working professional.  Do you have certain storage needs that a notebook sleeve cannot provide?  Storage for anything other than the laptop in notebook sleeves is pretty much non-existent.  If you have a lot of accessories then you may need to look into a laptop bag of some type.

Notebook sleeves are found in various sizes in order to fit the smallest netbook, to the largest desktop replacement style laptop.  Regardless of the size of laptop that they fit, laptop sleeves are always lacking in storage space.  When shopping for a notebook sleeve you must also know what you are going to use to carry the laptop and sleeve.  Remember that you need to seek out your accessory storage space in your backpack or briefcase, because you are not going to find it in a notebook sleeve.

The style of the sleeves comes in two basic materials:  neoprene and leather (or imitation leather).  The neoprene variety is suited for anyone who needs easy transportation of their laptop without fashion being a necessity.  Leather notebook sleeves are definitely made for a more fashion-conscious consumer in mind.  Working professionals that need a formal look to their laptop sleeve will be interested in the leather versions of these products.

When searching for a notebook sleeve it is important that you answer the preceding questions based on your personal preferences.

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