PC Freezes – Simple Approaches To Resolving Computer Hangs

It can be very tricky to establish why a computer freezes during normal operation. Moreover, the computer rarely shows any type of error message which can give you an indication of what the root cause of the problem actually is. This article takes a look at some of the broader issues that can cause computer freezes, along with some solutions.

Start your investigations by running an anti-virus scan. If bugs are on your computer, then there is a good chance that they have corrupted the registry and/or system files.

Check that you have left 10% or more of your disk space free for the paging file to expand. The Windows paging file is used as virtual memory by the operating system when running applications and the operating system itself. It has to use free disk space in order to run, a soft this is running low then the virtual memory will be restricted and freezes will occur.

Open the task manager and check to see how many applications you have running at any one point in time. The more applications are running, the more RAM and CPU that will be used. It is best if you can close as many applications as possible, however, any applications you leave running should be checked for program updates, performance tuning tweaks, and known performance bugs which may affect how they perform.

You could attempt some more general ways to fix PC errors that could lead to computer freezing issues by running Windows update and using a registry cleaner application to rectify any corrupted keys.

If your PC freezes due to mechanical faults then you may have to consider using a PC technician to rectify the issues. You can usually tell that there has been a mechanical fault if you hear strange noises coming from the computer, such as clicking from the hard drive or excessive fan sounds.

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