Pink Laptops that Look Great and Run Better

The 21st century has brought with it an unprecedented amount of information and technology.  With the creation of the world wide web and the introduction of Microsoft windows, the personal computer became not only common, but a necessity to every adult. After the personal computer came the portable computer or laptop. The laptop caught on like wildfire with executives, professionals and entrepreneurs now having access to valuable information and a powerful system in a portable piece of electronic equipment.

For the average person in this day and age, having a laptop can greatly increase the quality of life in many ways. A laptop computer is not only completely portable, but its battery power can last for hours without connection to an electrical socket. One of the main benefits of having a laptop is the direct access it provides to limitless information. This can be a lifesaver in a person’s work, study, entertainment, personal life and family life.

With more laptop computers being sold than desktops these days, companies that manufacture computers and in a constant race to make the laptop more personal and attractive to the public. Laptops come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes ranging from the large screened 15 inch model laptops to the new mini computers that are rapidly gaining in popularity. Today you also have many options of colors to choose from. For example, pink laptop computer is a much searched for item. Among some notable manufacturers who design pink laptops is Sony whose VAIO signature laptops with wacky designs in almost any color conceivable have captured many a young heart.

So, what if you see the need for a laptop in your personal or work life and want to buy one, but don’t know where to start looking for the one that you need?  In the paragraphs that follow we will be looking into a few tips on how to shop for a laptop, what you should you look out for, and how to compare brands, prices, specifications, etc. By the end of reading this article you should have a fair enough knowledge to do some laptop shopping!

First you will want to evaluate your budget. What price range of laptop are you looking at? In other words, how much money can you comfortably spend? If money is not an issue, more power to you. You can really have a lot of fun looking for laptops and studying what each one can do for you.

Next you need to decide what you will use your laptop the most for. Do you want it to store and edit videos or photography, for gaming or writing? Do you need it mostly for personal entertainment? Or are you a traveling journalist who needs to connect to the internet to share your stories with your media company?  Decide what the primary purpose of the laptop is will help you narrow the specifications you will look for in a laptop. You can then look it up on the Internet.

The most convenient way to go shopping for a laptop is to first do some research on the Internet. But in order to do that effectively you need to know some common terms and their meanings in relation to the laptop computer. We will cover a few common terms below.

RAM (random access memory) helps the computer store memory data. Random means that the data can be accessed by the computer randomly in real time as the information is needed. In lay language, the higher the RAM, the faster your laptop will operate. A 2GB of RAM is now pretty common in most laptops and should be plenty sufficient for a business man, housewife or student’s use, that is for writing, sending emails, internet use, file storage etc. However, for the gamer RAM is very important because computer games rely on the ability of the computer to store large amounts of data and return it to the monitor in rapid succession. If you are a video editor, graphic designer or engineer and use large editing or graphic designing programs you will require at least 4GB of RAM to comfortably operate your system.

Hard disk space refers to the amount of space you have on the laptop for the storage of your files. 160GB hard drives are a minimum nowadays, but more space is available if needed. It is advised, however, that you store movies, picture databases and other large files on an external hard drive to help ease the load on your computer and keep it running at peak performance.

Other specifications include LCD screen size, battery life and cell size, webcam, etc. Other key features are mainly aesthetics that don’t affect the performance of the computer.  If you’re a girl and looking for a pink laptop, than I suggest you look for a VIAO laptop as they not only have a good selection of killer looks, but also good performance.

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