Pink Mobile Phones

Many women – young and old alike – are attracted to the stylish good looks of pink mobile phones.  This beautiful color transforms a humdrum electronic device into thing of beauty.  A purely practical device becomes an object they can be proud of.  There is no shortage of cheap mobile phones available in pink; this article discusses a few of the available pink phone options from the major cellular carriers.

Sprint a couple of great pink mobile options.  The Samsung Seek – in ‘fantasy pink’- which comes with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard is a great choice for the buyer looking for a daring shade of pink.  For those preferring a more subtle shade of pink the SCP-2700 from Sanyo is another great pink phone from Sprint.

For buyers inclined towards service with Verizon, the Blackberry Curve 8330 is available in a very attractive hue of pink.  Of course, not everyone is comfortable with using a BlackBerry.  If this describes you there are alternatives as refurbished pink Motorola RAZR’s that can be used with Verizon also.

T-Mobile provides some great pink cell phones also.  While their BlackBerry Curve 8520 in Fuchsia Red is not exactly your traditional pink, it is close.  A good choice if you wish your phone to be colorful but not too feminine perhaps.  Also popular is the LG KP500 Cookie, which is a very attractive pink phone.

Amongst AT&T phone range are the following pink selections.  The Samsung Flight vertical slider phone is available in a stylish reddish pink tinge.  For a more feminine pink, their Pantech Impact is definitely a strong contender.

Between them, the major wireless carriers offer a good selection of pink mobile phones. No matter the shade and style of pink you prefer, you should have little difficulty in finding a pink mobile phone that suits your personal tastes.

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