Plasma HDTV Sets: Can They Be Rivaled?

If you are one of those people that are very demanding when it comes to televisions then a Plasma HDTV is for you. Sets using these type of screen clearly outperform the majority of competing products that use other types of screen technologies including Liquid Crystal Display and DLP. Of course, every type of screen technology has its ups and downs but when it comes to the quality of a picture this is where Plasma sets have a clear advantage.

The whole debate as to which is a better screen type has been floating around the internet for quite some time. The truth is that it really depends on what criteria you put more weight. Plasma HDTVs are the best as far as picture quality is concerned. They have the best contrast ratios, refresh rates and the best black color levels of all HD Tv sets except those that use CRT, which is a technology that is not being used to manufacture high definition television any longer.

The picture that is created by a Plasma set generally looks very solid and defined and does not usually exhibit many of the artifacts that tend to be very visible in LCD Tvs. These artifacts are ghosting, jagged edges around moving objects and the dreaded HDTV blur. Of course there is a possibility that these unwanted artifacts appear from time to time but they are not as overweeningly present as in LCD televisions.

While these sets have the best picture quality, there are some LCD HD Tv sets that do rival them. Some product series including top of the line sets from Samsung can rival them in terms of picture quality, at least they can rival those models that are not as amazing. However, series like Panasonic Viera NeoPDP (New Plasma Display Panel) cannot be rivaled at the moment by any set that is in the market as far as picture quality is concerned.

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