Playstation Move games to bring a new level of realism to gaming

Since Nintendo first came out with their motion-based game system, the Nintendo Wii, the folks at Microsoft and Sony quickly stepped up to bat and began working on their own motion-based games. With the newest Xbox 360, the gamer can add motion to their games via Kinect, a motion-based software provided by Microsoft. Sony advocates need not worry, though, as Playstation 3 will have their own motion-based games come this fall with Playstation Move and their line of PS Move games.

Playstation Move uses a motion controller similar yet different to the others. At the end of the controller is a sphere. With this sphere and the Playstation 3 Eye Camera, the user’s every move is precisely calculated and matched on-screen with the Move game being played. Delays and lag are a thing of the past, and the user will not be disappointed with the stunning visual graphics and real-time game play.

There are a couple Move games already available for purchase, as well as a cheap PS3 bundle that includes a game, with many more planning to come out once the Move hits stores this Fall. Out now for the Move are Heavy Rain, released in early February of 2010, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, available for purchase since June 2010. Heavy Rain is a psychological thriller with an “M” for Mature rating. Realism is a core essence to this game, as it takes the player through many twists and turns in the hunt for the Origami Killer. The player shifts and evolves the story with his or her choices, making replay value higher than many other games. With the added bonus of being compatible with the Playstation Move, this game is unlike any other out to date.

Other games to look forward to include SoCom 4: US Navy Seals, LittleBigPlanet 2, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, The Sly Collection, and Time Crisis Razing Storm. Most of these games are set for release in Fall 2010, with a couple yet to be announced. There will also be many games where the Move is required in order to play, including but not limited to SingStar Dance, Heroes on the Move, Sorcery, The Shoot, and Brunswick Pro Bowling.

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