Projector Screen Choices

When you begin to set the budget for your home theater project, you can expect a decent projector to cost over a thousand dollars and possibly over five thousand dollars. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but most of your overall budget should be for the very best projector you can afford. The next biggest item will be the sound system and then, believe it or not, the screen might be the cheapest part of the whole cost. A good projector screen might be had for as little as three hundred dollars. That leaves you with the money to consider buying that new lcd projector! Screen considerations can be secondary, rightly so. After all, a projector screen is nothing more than a piece of surface fabric and the support structure.

The right screen for your needs might be a fixed, permanent screen, like ones that are painted on the wall of the home theater, or it could be a mobile screen. You will have two choices of screen color: white or gray. Either one will ensure that minimal image distortion happens. In professional movie theaters, if you look closely, you may notice some screens have small glass beads. This helps create intense blacks, Along with the beads, you’ll see lots of tiny, tiny holes. Since the sound system is usually behind the screen, these holes allow air to pass through without disturbing the fabric. It is unlikely that you’ll need such a screen, with holes or beads, but it is cool to know how a professional screen works.

If your budget allows — and you have the dedicated space — plan on buying a fixed, wall mounted screen. Go with the wide screen aspect ratio of 16:9. It is great for home theaters. The wide screen ratio means that you will see the movie as it was intended by the director. If your budget does not allow for a fixed screen, look at the pull down types in wide screen. Your wallet will tell you which screen you can afford, but either fixed or pull down, your movies will look sharp.

Some people would rather spend the extra money and have a motorized projector screen so that when not in use, the screen is quickly, easily and safely stowed away. An alternative to a motorized screen is a simple tripod projector screen. Cheap and easy to use! Another simple and inexpensive kind of screen is the one you paint on the wall yourself! You can buy special screen paint. Talk about the original DIY projector screen — you and a can of paint. The best screen paint will set you back about three hundred dollars, but usually one can of paint is enough for the screen and when not in use, you have a white wall that guests would never know has a secret double life.

As you see, there are lots of projector screen choices. The right one for you will be found by looking at price, availability, flexibility and quality. You will have to decide which two of these attributes are most important. That will determine your product and price.

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