Protect Your Security Camera Against Vandals

When installing a security camera it is particularly important to understand the nature of the environment that the camera will be exposed to. If it is an outdoor security camera then vandalism is a very legitimate concern that you must be aware of. There are a few ways to ensure that your outdoor camera has as much protection as possible against vandals and there are a few strategies to keep in mind when planning the installation of your camera.

The easiest way to keep vandals from threatening your camera is by installing it in such a fashion that it is out of reach such as high on a wall that cannot be scaled. If that is not an option then you might want to consider hiding your outdoor security camera or disguising it with the environment such as in the bushes or painting it a dark color to minimize the amount of attention drawn to it.

There are optimal ways to mount a camera but it may not always be possible. The best way is to mount the camera inside the wall so that the only part protruding is the bubble of a dome camera or the window of a fixed camera. A fixed camera that is mounted sticking out fully exposed is relatively easy to damage because of the elongated shape.

Another important factor is how the cables are managed. Exposed cables are very much a liability and make the entire system very vulnerable. The best way, if the camera isn’t already mounted inside the wall or ceiling is to at least mount the camera flush to the wall with the cables pulled directly through the wall so that nothing is exposed. When this is not an option there are cable conductors that are simply protective tubing to run your cables through and prevent unauthorized tampering with the lines.

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