Reducing risk injury through the use of an adjustable laptop stand

With the number of people telecommuting on the rise, laptop use has followed. The increase in laptop use has also led to higher numbers of people reporting repetitive injuries and back and neck problems. One way to reduce injury is to use an adjustable laptop stand. An adjustable laptop stand is a way to mimic a traditional workstation. The stands can be moved around a room so one is not constrained to one area. However, they can also be raised or lowered to conform to a person’s body and sitting position.

Adjustable laptop stands make it possible to have a laptop screen sit at the correct eye level. Normally, the screen should be directly at the level of a person’s eyes. However, if a person wears bifocals the screen should be just below eye level. If the screen is at the correct level it helps prevent a person from hunching over the computer. This is because the neck will remain upright, reducing wear and tear on the neck and the rest of the spine.

Using a laptop can also be rough on your wrists and hands. Many laptop stands are ergonomically designed. This means that they are meant to optimize a person’s positioning. Not only does the screen get adjusted to be at the proper eye level, but the keyboard can be put in just the right place, reducing the risk of wrist and hand injury.

An adjustable laptop stand can be useful for those who telecommute or just prefer the compact design of a laptop. It helps minimize injury to wrists and hands, as well as to the back and neck. A laptop stand is more portable than a traditional workstation but serves many of the same functions. Unlike a traditional workstation, laptop stands can adjust in height and position.

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