Reimage Review – Corrective Maintenance For The Registry File When The Hive Cannot Be Loaded

A corrupted registry can prevent Windows from starting correctly. In the event of this happening, the following sequence of corrective actions, finishing with a Reimage review for automating repair, form a logical approach to attempting a repair.

One of my older computers recently failed to boot after removing some unused applications. The error code displayed was 0x80072EE2 and from investigations on-line this put the blame on the registry being corrupted (most likely due to the application removal process altering registry keys it shouldn’t have).

From advice, and forum posts regarding the actions others used, I was able to establish the following best practices for making a repair.

-    Attempt logging in as another user. If the registry hive is damaged for a single user then another account may succeed. Once in you could create a new account for yourself, roll back the registry (to a backup copy) or use registry repair software.

-    Start in safe mode. Hit F8 as the system is booting up to start in safe mode and once in attempt to roll back the registry or affect some repairs (via software).

-    Start the system using the Windows boot disks. This is worth attempting on the off chance a disk/hardware fault caused the registry problem as the various checks that are run in this mode may detect such issues.

-    If you’ve gotten to this point then you will need to use a one-stop PC fix solution, such as Reimage, to boot the system, scan for faults and automatically run repairs. Most of these solutions can provide boot disks to start the computer (in a very basic mode with internet access enabled). In my scenario, I resorted to using Reimage and it detected several registry keys that were incorrectly set, along with out-of-date device drivers. I’m unsure which of the two now caused the issue, but either way Reimage repaired both.

This issue highlights the importance of making back-up versions of the registry file on a regular basis as this becomes invaluable once faults occur to simply revert back to older, working versions.

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