Sending Fax Through Internet

Sending fax through internet is easier than it sounds, in fact it is probably easier then sending a regular fax through a fax machine. You don’t have to be a technical expert and there is no training necessary, in fact if you know how to send and receive emails then you should have no troubles faxing online.

To get started all you need is a computer and internet connection, so far so easy right? Next is to find an email fax service that best meets your faxing needs. There are many services available with different kinds of plans and prices. Most pretty much offer the same features and prices vary depending on how much faxing you do per month. However monthly plans are very cheap, starting at just $8 a month for 300 fax pages.

Compared to the traditional fax machine you will save tons of money because you will be wasting less ink, paper and energy. Since faxes are received on your computer then you avoid printing out unwanted faxes which save you paper and ink. Also did you know that the fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine? And if it is turned off you can’t receive faxes. With Online faxing you can receive faxes 24/7 everyday  of the year so you will never miss an important fax again.

So are you ready to fax through the internet? Signing up with an online fax service is easy, you just have to provide basic information and many services give you a free fax number as well! If you are still debating whether to switch to online faxing then there is no need to worry. Many of the internet fax services understand you and are offering a FREE 30 day trial so you can send a fax from computer free of charge, no hidden fees and you can cancel at anytime. If you enjoy faxing from your computer then you can easily sign-up after your free trial!

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