Should You Get a Universal Laptop Power Supply?

In today’s society people are more mobile than ever. Businessmen need to travel quite frequently and because of this, having a laptop with them is a vital piece of equipment. They need to be able to work on the road and whenever and wherever possible. Having the right equipment will make all of the difference when it comes to being productive.

Laptops allow people to be very mobile and are able to run for a number of hours without being connected to an external source of power. When you do need to plug in your laptop, it is important that you have the proper and correct power supply. The laptop will usually come with one outlet cord, but you often need an additional laptop power cord if you are traveling quite a bit.

It is usually recommended to use the manufacturer’s power supply cord but many times you need to purchase additional ones and this is not always an option. You can purchase a universal laptop power supply.  These are designed to work with a large number of laptops.

When purchasing one of these, it is important that you research properly. Make sure that your particular brand of laptop and model are compatible with the universal plug. If they are not compatible, you can do serious damage to your laptop. If the incorrect amount of wattage or power goes to your laptop, you can ruin the battery, the whole computer itself, and in extreme cases could even start a fire.

Universal cords are generally cheaper than cords from the manufacturer so if you can find one that does indeed work with your laptop; it is a wise choice to get one. These can usually be found at most department stores or computer specialty stores.  Have your computer brand and model number handy to ensure the proper cord.

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