Some Slow Computer Causes and How To Fix them

It’s no secret that we love our computers. That is why when they are running slow we automatically look for the slow computer causes and we want to fix them. Computers have become such complicated and intricate machines that there is no one slow computer fix or a catch all solution to every problem. Some people also think that if their computer runs slow they have to go buy a new one. This is a bad idea because the majority of computer problems can be fixed very easily and often quite inexpensively.

We use our computers for a lot more important applications than just entertainment nowadays.  There are very few businesses in the world that can carry out their daily functions without the aid of a computer. Since we have become so dependent on computers we naturally need them to be running fast and efficiently.  Here are a few small inexpensive things you can do to increase computer speed

Delete unused or old programs: The best way to do this is to open the add/remove programs window from the control panel and look through the list that is populated there. Uninstall any applications that you no longer need or are very old. These can be one of your slow computer causes.

Defragment your hard drive: This will help you get all the files in order on your hard drive based on how often they are used.  It will also help get rid of corrupted or damaged files.

Anti-Virus Check: This step is no joke. Most people have the same virus check program that came installed on their computer. Once the subscription runs out they fail to renew it. That leaves you computer open to any type of malicious files or software. Of course, these files can cause a slow computer.  How many times have you ignored that little window that opens up telling you how long ago your subscription expired? If you really want to fix your slow computer causes you will get an up to date anti-virus program.

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