The Difference Between 17 Inch Computer Backpacks and Regular Backpacks

It can sometimes be difficult to find a computer backpack that your 17 inch laptop computer will fit into. Many people seem to think that any backpack will do but, such is not the case. There are several differences between a laptop backpack and a regular backpack and those differences can mean the difference between keeping your computer functioning and looking great and having a piece of junk on your hands.

At first glance regular and laptop backpacks look a lot alike. They both have a couple of compartments, lots of pockets and come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. However, a 17 inch laptop bag has a few very important additions that regular backpacks simply don’t have. To begin with a computer backpack has a special padded compartment that is designed to cushion your computer and keep it from being damaged when the backpack gets bumped, thumped or accidentally dropped. While some of these compartments offer more protection than others even the worst padded pocket in a poorly made computer backpack offers more protection that a plain backpack affords.

In addition many of the smaller pockets on computer backpacks have extra weather protection to keep those extra components such as battery chargers dry even in the worst weather. Most regular backpacks provide only normal weather protection if they provide any protection at all. They are also fantastic for carrying additional equipment that needs protection as well, such as CD, notebooks, books, and business documents.

That is why even if you are having difficulty finding a 17 inch computer backpack it is important to keep looking. While the task may sometimes seem daunting, a simple backpack is not going to offer you the protection your computer needs. With so much of your life spent at that keyboard, are you willing to take the chance on having a damaged computer on your hands?

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