The Difficult Choice Between Laser and InkJet Printers

Whether you have had several different printers or you are looking for the place to buy your very first device, you have most likely thought about what type of hardware you should buy. Before you will have to look into the different brands, features and price you will need to make up your mind about whether you want an InkJet printer or a Laser printer. The short version is that an InkJet used ink that comes in cartridges and for the most of these printers you’ll be able to print in colors whereas a Laser printer will normally (unless you have money to by a professional version) print in black and white and uses a toner.

One of the ways you can decide which one to look for is to think about the purpose and the reason for buying the device in the first place. Are you buying it in order to be able to print family photos, presentations from PowerPoint and other material that will need colors, then the obvious choice will be the InkJet. On the negative side you will often find that these printers are noisy and often slower than the laser versions. And if that isn’t all you will probably also find it quite annoying when you run out of one color (which can happen rather fast) because you’ll not be able to print in the correct colors before buying a new cartridge. A device that is recommended is the HP OfficeJet 6500 Printer from Hewlett Packard. It is a great multipurpose printer.

If you don’t really need colors when printing and can settle for a black and white print, you should definitely consider a laser printer. Not only will it be able to print pages much faster than the inkjet but it will also be able to print a lot more pages before running out of toner. For most of the models they are also rather silent (when printing) compared to the inkjets. Again you will find that HP or Canon are the top producers of personal printers and they have plenty of models to choose from.

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