The New Wave Of DVI Conversion

As the future increasingly finds itself becoming a reality, fully digital screens become that much more common. However, there is still a remaining fair share of analog customers in the market, as is to be expected with such a vastly large conversion. Many people have not converted over entirely to digital signals yet, thus leaving room for more sales of analog conversion tools such as the Digital Video Interface, or DVI, which patches the gap between digital and analog signals. DVI to VGA splitters and cables become almost as common as the digital screens they attempt to emulate.

There are three separate formats offered by DVI for the reception of transmission through the DVI splitter cable. The first two, DVI-A and DVI-D, are for analog and digital transmissions, respectively. The third format, DVI-I, is integrated, and therefore allows for the reception of both signal mediums, providing maximum flexibility without as much of a burdensome need to upgrade equipment. In some cases this may also provide additional features, such as splitting the signal for use with multiple screens, allowing the output to mirror images onto any and all displays involved.

Different users may indeed have different needs, and sometimes a converter box is the right solution as opposed to a splitter cable. Many users will find that overall, the right combinations of video cards and cable types may indeed provide the desired result, the shortest distance between two objects is a straight line, and a device specifically intended to convert such a signal will prove to be much more beneficial in the long run. It can not only allow for the signal to display properly, but it may also help amplify the signal should the occasion call for it. Like with any such device, it is important that users read the necessary instructions and requirements to ensure that the device’s specifications are met.

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