The Revolutionary Potential of Kinect

Since Microsoft first announced Kinect at the Electronic Entertainment
Expo this summer, the video gaming industry has been abuzz with this
potentially revolutionary new gaming system that has the promise of
not only transforming the video game experience but bringing video
games to a much wider audience.

Kinect promises to radically
alter the way gamers experience playing video games. The gaming
system does not require controllers for playing the game. Instead,
the players will use their body movements and voice to control the
game, thus blurring the lines between video and real life for these Kinect games.
With Kinect the players actually become an integral part of the game
itself in ways that were not possible before

All of this is made possible by Kinect’s sophisticated 3D camera and
voice recognition system. Depth sensors enable the system to track
body movements and individual voices in 3D. The camera can recognize
facial expressions and individual faces and the microphone can pick up
different voices inside of the room. The sophisticated technology
enables players to truly experience the game in realistic, 3D
conditions without having to use controllers.

Kinect is being designed as an added-on to Microsoft’s already hugely
popular Xbox 360 game console. In many ways the controller-less
system is a response to the Nintendo Wii, which has helped bring video
gaming technology to the masses, whereas the Xbox 360 requires more
skill and is more for the serious gamer. By developing a gaming
system without controllers, Kinect promises to be more user friendly
and something that will appeal more to the mass market and not just
hard core gamers.

Kinect will be release on November 4, 2010. Time will tell if Kinect
really does revolutionize the video gaming experience as we know it.

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